Leadership skills


Team effectiveness and organizational capacity.

How many of you are on teams at work? Even if you’re a soloepreneur you need to act like a team member with a vendor or a client. Remember that communication is the single most important factor in successful teamwork. Facing challenges with the horses prepare you for challenges in your work. Relationship is primary in the herd – it is based on trust, clear communication, and the importance of each horse’s place in the herd. Relationships still form the basis for working together, and the relationship is becoming harder to manage in this new digital age.  In order to lead a horse you have to listen to the horse, be consistent and clear, and mean it. The horse follows a person precisely then, when they demonstrate self confidence, trustworthiness, clarity, credibility and are goal oriented. You need to earn your respect  with nonverbal and nonviolent communication. You can’t let your horse – or your team – push you around. If you do not provide the leadership, the horse will.  Modern leadership is not established by your position, job title or intelligence, but, more importantly, it is about the self that you are and the way others see you.  Learning with a horse requires one hundred percent concentration, presence and awareness. Understanding the process of change and implementing innovative responses inspires intelligent optimism, well-being and the capacity to thrive. You will learn to recognize subtle opportunities for success that might otherwise go unseen…an important skill that will help you maximize success in your organization.  Employees should be able to grab different  ideas in order to solve the problem. Remember that there is no such thing as a stupid idea, only leaders afraid of listening. Consider all horse´s ideas as valuable without loosing the grip of your leadership. Be greatful you have been given a gift, say thank you and then give it a chance. You might learn something new.  People must be able to truly collaborate with anyone else. It’s easy to collaborate with those who think just like you. It’s much harder to collaborate with people who will challenge your ideas. The horse will definitily challenge all your ideas. A horse herd is inclusive – a matriarch where everyone belongs, everyone is essential, everyone matters.

Mia Isacsson´s Leadership with horses will have the opportunity to clarify your vision, your awareness of bodylanguage, embody your commitment,  expand your natural ability, be aware of unspoken feelings, team effectiveness and organizational capacity.